Terms and Conditions

Contracts for authors

All authors commissioned by ZunTold will be offered a contract with the company. ZunTold is a tradiitonal publishing company and does not charge authors for any costs associated with publishing. 

 Magazine and comments

Please note that all articles submitted to the magazine remain the copyright with the author. 

ZunTold holds no responsibility for ensuring that the work submitted by and/or published in the magazine is indeed the work of the author. Authors who submit pieces are asked to submit only if the work is original, non-plagarised and does not infringe the copy rights of other artists. Authors who submit their writing to the magazine are agreeing to making their work available under a Creative Commons License purely for the purposes of sharing their work with others. 

ZunTold will not publish work which is racist or sectarian or promotes violence. We will not publish work which promotes illegal acts such as bestiality and we do not publish pornography. 

We ask that comments on people's work are fair, supportive and not abusive in any way. ZunTold reserves the right to remove posts that contravene these principles.