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Complaints policy

How to Complain

ZunTold has a complaint policy.

This easy read leaflet is about how you can make a complaint about our service.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is when you feel unhappy about the service and you want a response from us.

We welcome feedback and complaints. We want people to tell us if they are unhappy. We want to offer a great service, and you can help us to make things better.

Who can help you to complain?

You can seek help from:

  • A member of the ZunTold team
  • A trusted adult who can act on your behalf

What to do if you are unhappy?

Speak to a member of the ZunTold team either by messaging your Bibliotherapist or contact us directly through "Contact Us" on the ZunTold website.

We will usually answer your questions and put things right quickly.

If you are still unhappy, you can email the ZunTold Operations Lead at janclitheroe@zuntold.com .

What will we do?

We will:

  • Let you know we have received your complaint
  • Make sure we understand what the problem is
  • Deal with your complaint as quickly as we can
  • Let you know what we have found
  • Involve you in the decisions about how your complaint is handled

Our promise to you

You will be treated fairly, respectfully, and offered support throughout the complaint process.

Making a complaint will not affect the support you receive from us.

When mistakes happen, we will acknowledge them, apologize, explain what went wrong, and put things right.

We will listen and learn from what you say.

If you would like a full copy of our complaints policy, please email janclitheroe@zuntold.com .

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