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ZunTold is based in Manchester, UK. We are a publishing company and a therapeutic service offering bibliotherapy .

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Our Team

  • Elaine Bousfield MBE avatar

    Founder and CEO

    Elaine Bousfield MBE

    Elaine is a counsellor and a digital mental health pioneer having founded Kooth. She has worked in the field of therapy and digital mental health for 30 years. She is also an editor and publisher.

  • Jan Clitheroe avatar

    Operations lead

    Jan Clitheroe

    Jan is also a counsellor by background and experienced operational director and manager of counselling services. Jan was the operational director at Kooth for many years.

  • Isla Bousfield-Donohoe avatar


    Isla Bousfield-Donohoe

    Isla has a first class honours degree from the University of Teesside where she studied 3D animation and character design in the school of computing. Isla is our digital artist, experienced in product design and creator of ZunTold book covers.

  • Claire Williamson avatar


    Claire Williamson

    Claire founded the first MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes at Metanoia Institute. At ZunTold she runs the training programme for counsellors and psychotherapists.

  • Michelle Hyams-Ssekasi CTA avatar

    Clinical Supervisor

    Michelle Hyams-Ssekasi CTA

    Michelle is an experienced Supervisior and a social worker and has a wealth of experience. She is an Independant Psychotherapist, Trainer & Parent Coach. She provides Clinical Supervision for the ZunTold team.

  • Editorial Team avatar

    Editorial Team

    ZunTold works with select editorial and text designers who have many years of experience in the publishing industry, to ensure our books are beautifully produced.

  • Maria Ushakova avatar


    Maria Ushakova

    Maria is a Counsellor and academic who is carrying out research activities on behalf of Zuntold.

  • Consultant CTO & project manager

    Peter Morgan

    Peter is the owner of Screenbeetle - he leads the tech team who have extensive experience of working on projects for the 3rd sector and NHS.

  • Stuart Wakeford avatar

    UX designer & Product Lead

    Stuart Wakeford

    Stu is an experienced product designer and product lead with experience of designing successful app's and platforms for NHS service providers.

  • James Evers-Swindell avatar

    Front End Developer

    James Evers-Swindell

    James is a front end web developer with over 10 years experience of crafting bespoke websites.

  • Lenna Dobbs avatar


    Lenna Dobbs

    Lenna has experience of running and delivering well being events and workshops for children and young people. She has a keen interest in creative writing and in helping people manage depression and anxiety as a result of their traumatic history.

  • Vicky Hughes avatar


    Vicky Hughes

    Vicky is an experienced child and young person counsellor as well as being a supervisor for front-line practitioners who are delivering service for people who are experiencing domestic violence and abuse. In her early carer as a teacher Vicky worked creatively using fiction and non fiction to support children with complex needs. As a counsellor she works creatively with children and adults of all ages.

  • Caroline Ardrey avatar


    Caroline Ardrey

    Caroline has a background in teaching and mentoring and a love of reading and writing which she brings to her work.

  • Ellie Rowland Callan avatar


    Ellie Rowland Callan

    Ellie has experience of working with people who are LGBTQ+. She is a writer herself and uses creative processes to support others.

  • Mary Lira avatar


    Mary Lira

    Mary has worked with survivors of interpersonal trauma and in a crisis counselling service offering support when people need it most. Her work has always included opportunity for clients to tell their story using creative approaches.

  • Tracey Regan avatar


    Tracey Regan

    I am Tracey and I work in Knowsley as part of the ZunTold Face-to-Face Counselling and Bibliotherapy Service.

  • Karen Connell avatar


    Karen Connell

    I am Karen and I work in Knowsley as part of the ZunTold Face-to-Face Counselling and Bibliotherapy Service.

  • Sue Welsh avatar


    Sue Welsh

    I am Sue and I work in Knowsley as part of the ZunTold Face-to-Face Counselling and Bibliotherapy Service.

ZunTold is an organisational member of the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society and abides by their code of ethics.

Membership number: No:NCS22-01740

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