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There is a growing evidence base that therapeutic writing and reading can support people with long-term physical health conditions as well as improving mental health.

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About Bibliotherapy

At ZunTold we call all our counsellors, Bibliotherapists. They work in a very similar way to a counsellor, in that they will listen to you and support you to share whatever is going on for you in a confidential way. There is an added dimension though. Our bibliotherapists, based on what you have shared with them, can also choose or recommend stories from our library (and sometimes beyond) which contains characters, situations, or challenges which match your own situation and holds helpful insights or lessons that could be useful for you. They might suggest stories to help you escape your world and stories which might be comforting to you. 'Stories' can be poetry, novels, short stories, spoken work or visual stories. Our bibliotherapists, all of whom are counsellors and therapists, can work with you and the story together, to pull out themes and insights to help you grow as a person. Everybody needs something different from a book.

Bibliotherapy at ZunTold is therefore talking, reading and writing.

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What do we mean by writing?

Well, Bibliotherapists will also encourage you to write about your life and your experiences and can suggest some creative tools and techniques to help you with this. This is because writing down our thoughts and experiences, feelings and ideas, is incredibly powerful and gives you the space to meet yourself in a different way.

You will be working in the one to one chatrooms with your bibliotherapist, and you can also, if you want to, use our templates to do some writing outside of the session. You can choose to share your writing with the bibliotherapist if you want to, or instead keep your own writing to yourself. Some people prefer to just 'talk' in the chatroom with their bibliotherapist about the process of writing rather than sharing it.

Please be assured that bibliotherapy isn't about being a fantastic writer. It's all about helping you connect with yourself and seeing yourself in a different way. If you can use WhatsApp, texting or email, we think you will find it easy to use this service.

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