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There is a growing evidence base that therapeutic writing and reading can support people with long-term physical health conditions as well as improving mental health.

Fiction as therapy illustration

Living Books

Living Books take you right inside the story.

We'll suggest books especially chosen for you and your situation.

You will watch interviews with the authors, and be invited to engage with the characters and see how they are like you, or not! Packed with activities and opportunities to explore the story, the environment, the characters and the rhythm of the words, you can work through the book at your own pace or with your allocated bibliotherapist.

Book covers

Activities embedded in each book

Create your own ending or write your own version of the characters choices.

Explore the images, ideas and landscapes and use them to focus on your own world and the issues facing you to develop insights and reflection, and new ways of being. Complete the activities to support you with your mental health and wellbeing and if you wish you can always book a session with your bibliotherapist from inside the book

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Notes and community comments

Make notes describing your reactions to the text. You can share these with the community or with your bibliotherapist.

screenshot of a ZunTold Living Book exericse screen

Booking a session

You can choose to message your bibliotherapist from anywhere inside the book or arrange a one -to -one session. If you don’t want to use the Living Book and just want to message your bibliotherapist then you can do that as well.

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