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There is a growing evidence base that therapeutic writing and reading can support people with long-term physical health conditions as well as improving mental health.

Fiction as therapy illustration

Therapeutic Writing

Our therapeutic writing templates encourages you to write your own story, or parts of it, in your own way. If you work with your bibliotherapist, they might encourage you to use the templates as part of your therapeutic work with them.

Types of Therapeutic Writing

We have various templates you can use, including My Life Story, which is based on the 12 stages of the Hero's journey. It's a great way to start to think about aspects of your world. Everyone should be the hero of their own story and the hero and heroine's journey is always full of bumps and obstacles. Writing about this can really help.

If you want to, you can share your writing with your counsellor/bibliotherapist.

Then we have Poetry and Prose templates. You can use these to write your thoughts as a story or poem. Sometimes using poetry can be an easier way to get things down and sometimes writing about our lives as a story in the third person, feels easier.

Illustration of therapeutic writing screen from website dashboard, showing the different types of writing available through different coloured book covers

The Letters Template and the Journal are two of our other popular templates.

Again, you can always choose to keep these private or you can choose to share with your bibliotherapist.

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