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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files created by servers and stored on your browser when visiting websites. They are time limited and used to help a website provide a more user friendly experience. A common example is to remember items you have added to a shopping cart. For further information about cookies please visit AboutCookies.org

The functionally required cookies we use on Zuntold.com are to allow our website to operate properly. One example is to remember when a user has logged in to our website. Storing this information in a cookie means they don't have to login again if they navigate away from our website.

Zuntold.com do not use cookies to store or access any personal information about you.

We do use Google Analtyics for tracking our website visitors but our cookie consent settings gives you the option to disable this.

We use cookies. Some are necessary to make our site work and others are optional, allowing us to analyse site usage, personalise content and to tailor advertising. These are stored on your device and are placed by us and trusted partners. Find out more in our cookie policy .