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    No. Pages:248 | Published:03rd Jul 2023 £9.99

The Grinning Throat is the first in The Mudlark Series, written by award winning author, Kate Wiseman.

Written for readers aged 9 plus but also for anyone who loves historical fiction, adventure and following a cast of fascinating characters -  The Grinning Throat will not disappoint.

'My first thought is that it’s a pig that someone has lost to the river. Perhaps it fell off one of the barges that choke up the Thames. They’re a constant feature, toiling up and down, day and night, giving off black smoke that clings to the water.'

Joe (15) and Edie (13) are orphans living in Victorian London. Forever worried that they will be sent to the dreaded workhouse, they scratch out a living the best way they can by mudlarking on the foreshore of the River Thames and selling their finds to the notorious Hempson. One day they discover something macabre which will change their lives forever. 

The Grinning Throat is the first in the trilogy of The Mudlark Mysteries. 

Written by award winning author, Kate Wiseman, it is historical fiction at its best. 

Format:Printed Book
Publisher: ZunTold Ltd
Publication date:03rd Jul 2023

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