• Icarus and Velvet

Icarus and Velvet (Ebook)

  • Author:Kate Wiseman

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    No. Pages:326 | Published:14th Nov 2022 £6.99

‘We increased the bounty on angels today,’ my father said. He was shielding his eyes as he squinted up through the ground  window at the red, dying sun. ‘Five thousand pecs for a healthy woman or child…’


  Humanity has splintered. Over millennia, the Avians of the Clifflands have learned to fly with wings of sky metal. The Subterraneans venture to the surface only to farm in vast glass domes. Between them lies the boundless and savage Wilderness. Suspicion and hostility between their cities shadow every aspect of life in this post-apocalyptic world.

Publisher: ZunTold Ltd
Publication date:14th Nov 2022
Author Kate Wiseman

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Icarus and Velvet

Icarus and Velvet



Tags: Young Adult Fiction