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Face in the Mirror - A student's guide (Printed Book)

  • Author:Judy Morris

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    No. Pages:109 | Published:11th Apr 2022 £6.99

This text accompanies Face in the Mirror - A teachers’ guide for using poetry to support good mental health in the class room and beyond.


Who am I? Is it okay for me to be different? Just what is my place in the world?


Life can be a difficult path to walk. But poetry can be a powerful and loyal friend, bringing light and joy when things seem dark, helping us find our way.


This book is a unique collection of classical and modern poetry for young people, covering a vast range of human experience. You will find the voices of young people in these pages as well as poets who lived many years ago. Their words can touch our minds and hearts, unlock our emotions, and help us maintain good mental health.


A poem can help you say, ‘This is how I feel: this is my reality’. And that can be the start of a journey towards personal happiness, inner peace and wellbeing.


Format:Printed Book
Publisher: ZunTold Ltd
Publication date:11th Apr 2022
Author Judy Morris

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