• Le Grimoire - A Practical Guide to Red Magic

Le Grimoire - A Practical Guide to Red Magic (e-Book)

  • Author: Eric Boisett , Illustrator: Isla Bousfield-Donohoe

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    No. Pages: 224 | Published: 11th Mar 2020 £6.99

Twelve-year-old Theo loves to read. One day, whilst rummaging through the bookshelves in his local library, he stumbles upon a large, ancient, leather-bound book. When he opens it, he realises that it is a 'Grimoire' - a wizard's spellbook! Inside the book, Theo discovers a mysterious piece of paper - which turns out to be the key to helping him decode a recipe for an invisibility ring.

Format: e-Book
Pages: 224
Publisher: ZunTold Ltd
Publication date: 11th Mar 2020
Author Eric Boisett
Illustrator Isla Bousfield-Donohoe

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