• Gangster School

Gangster School (e-Book)

  • Author:Kate Wiseman ,Illustrator:Isla Bousfield-Donohoe

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    No. Pages:192 | Published:21st May 2018 £6.99

Milly and her new friend Charlie have just started at Blaggard’s.

But what’s it like to be in a school that teaches lying, kidnapping and stealing instead of Maths and English? Their parents and teachers are master criminals and want them to follow in their footsteps...but are Milly and Charlie just too...dependable?

In this funny and exciting adventure, smart Milly and super-hacker Charlie face some of the worst villains around, including the cold-hearted Pecunia Badpenny and her sidekick: Wolf the evil electronic dog.

Can Milly and Charlie beat Badpenny and her demonic plans? And are they criminal enough to keep their place in a school they’ve come to love?

Publisher: ZunTold Ltd
Publication date:21st May 2018
Author Kate Wiseman
Illustrator Isla Bousfield-Donohoe

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