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ePub vs MOBI?

If you are using an e-reader like a Kobo or a Nook, or an android, iPhone, tablet or PC, you can download your book as an ePub direct to your device. It is that simple.  Just click on the download link in Your Account and you are away! You can alternatively download the link to your pc or mac, and add the ePub file to your device from there. 

Kindle = MOBI

Kindles are a little more complicated, but you can use them to view books not sold on Amazon. 

At ZunTold we have converted our e-Books to MOBI format.  

You first need to download the MOBI version of the book you have bought to another device (computer or tablet). 

You then have two options. You can either:

a) Connect your kindle to your device via USB and transfer the files that way or

b) Email the MOBI file to your Kindle account*

*We recommend  choosing option A. Transfer of the mobi file via 'Send to Kindle' strips out some formatting and fonts, and you might lose cover page in your library. For a better reading experience, choose option A

Transfer Files to your Kindle using USB

1. Download the MOBI file to your computer. This will have a .MOBI extension after the file name.

2. Connect your Kindle to your computer using its USB cable. The Kindle should appear in “Computer” or “My Computer” for Windows users and on the desktop for Mac users, or the file manager will ask you to open the kindle folder on linux.

3. Open the Kindle drive. You will see several folders. You want to locate the folder called Documents. (Don't put the file in 'Downloads' but directly into 'Documents'.)

4. Now find the MOBI file you downloaded to your computer and copy it to the Kindle Documents folder. You can do that by clicking the file and dragging it to that folder.

5. Safely eject your Kindle from your computer.

6. You should now see the MOBI file on your Home screen or in the Documents section of your Kindle.

7. Open your book, and open display options at the top, and find fonts. If Kindle has not automatically selected 'Publisher font' we recommend you do so for the viewing experience we designed. You are of course free to choose your own fonts, but we hope you will try what we designed first!

Email to your Kindle Account

1. Download the MOBI file to your computer. This will have a .MOBI extension after the file name and would have been sent to you as an attachment, or if the file was too large for email, you would have been sent a Dropbox link to download the file from. Make sure you know where the MOBI file downloads to on your computer (your Desktop or Documents folder may be a good place).

2. Go to Amazon’s website and log in to your account.

3. Click on Your Account and then scroll down to the Digital Content section and select ‘Manage Your Kindle’ or ‘Manage your Content and Devices’ (see right).

4. Select Personal Document Settings. You should see a heading ‘Send to Kindle email settings’. There should be an email address there,

5. Go to Approved Personal Document E-mail List section which is further down the page Manage your Content and Devices. Add your email address to this list, so that the Kindle device will accept the file.

6. In your mail program, start a new email to the email address you just found.

7. Attach the MOBI file and then send your email.

8. Wait approximately five minutes and then open your Kindle and sync. Your book should appear in your Books or Documents sections.

Viewing in iBooks (Apple)

If for any reason iBooks does not show embedded fonts and styling, please click on the AA and choose 'Original', but it should default to this automatically.