Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Contracts for authors

All authors commissioned by ZunTold will be offered a contract with the company. ZunTold is a traditional publishing company and does not charge authors for any costs associated with publishing. We do ask authors and agents to ensure that any manuscripts submitted to us are in the best possible condition. Well edited manuscripts stand a much higher chance of being selected by our Readers. We market our authors work and distribute through local and national bookshops and online retailers as well as our own store. Our distribution and warehousing partner are BookSource and we work with a variety of print companies. We use print on demand for our professional and educational publications.


Fiction as Therapy Service


Currently you need a code to use the Fiction as Therapy Service. This is so we can see which health, education or social care organisation is supporting your access. You only need to use this code the once.


In order to help us, help you, stay safe:


·      Please make sure that the information you give us is accurate.

·      Please keep your account private. Do not share your log in details with anyone else.


Bibliotherapy community


·      In the bibliotherapy community, please use your user name when writing comments.

·      Please be respectful about authors work. Do not use swear words.

·      Do not bully. Do not use offensive terms or use sexually explicit language. Comments which contravene these terms will not be published.

·      Please be aware that some of the books we publish may be triggering but warnings are given where possible and we ask that you seek support from your therapist if you feel triggered. We endeavour to publish work which raises difficult topics and explores them in ways that we hope are helpful and educational. This is one of the fundamental roles of a publisher.

·      We ask that your posts do not contain detailed descriptions of self- harm, suicidal plans, actions, methods of maintaining disordered eating, or details of abuse or criminal activity. We maintain the right not to publish posts that do any of the above.



Publishing rules for the community


·      You can choose to publish your own creative writing in the community library under a user name or pseudonym or your real name, but we recommend that you only use your real name if you want people to know your identity.

·      ZunTold reserve the right not to publish work which we assess is better suited for work in therapy.

·      We will not publish work which celebrates racism, misogyny, or sectarianism or promotes violence. We will not publish work which promotes illegal acts such as bestiality and we do not publish pornography. 

·      ZunTold reserve the right to edit work but will always ask for author permission before publishing.

·      Please note that all writing submitted to the community library remains the copyright of the author.

·      ZunTold holds no responsibility for ensuring that the work submitted by and/or published in the community library is indeed the work of the author.

·      Authors who submit pieces are asked to submit only if the work is original, non-plagiarised and does not infringe the copy rights of other artists or if makes references to or displays other author’s work, that they have the permission to use the work and it is credited to the original author.

·      Authors who submit their writing to the community library are agreeing to making their work available under a Creative Commons License purely for the purposes of sharing their work with others. 

Working with your creative writing therapist


Please show your therapist/counsellor respect. If you have any complaints about their work you can contact us through the contact pages or email us at complaints@zuntold.com with details.


If you want to change your counsellor you can let us know by emailing us at elaine@zuntold.com. We endeavour to come back to you within 72 hours.








Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and currency of the information contained in pages of the ZunTold web site. However, contents are subject to change from time to time and ZunTold can accept no liability for the accuracy of all the information presented at any given time. ZunTold reserves the right to make changes without notice.



All text, images and other content on the store is copyright of ZunTold unless explicitly stated otherwise. It may only be downloaded or copied for the purposes of personal or non-commercial use. If you wish to reproduce website content in any other way, or for any other purpose, you must first contact elaine@zuntold.com for permission.



ZunTold is not responsible for the content of external sites and does not necessarily support the views they express or guarantee the accuracy of the information they provide. Any reference by ZunTold via links to external web sites are provided as a courtesy. Any reference, via such links, should not be construed by the user as an endorsement by ZunTold of the services provided by external companies, individuals or other providers. The user should satisfy himself/herself that the services provided by the external company, individual or provider appropriately meet the user’s needs and requirements.

ZunTold does not accept responsibility or liability for services provided by external companies, individuals or other providers. Further, ZunTold does not accept responsibility, or liability, for the content of, or information contained on the web site belonging to external companies, individuals or other providers or for any harm caused or arising in respect thereof.



Every effort is made to ensure downloadable content is free from viruses. ZunTold can accept no liability for damages resulting from virus infection.



Payment for books and services are taken in full. Deliveries are usually despatched within 24-72 hours, second class, or by courier.



Refunds are available for damaged or delayed orders, on return or cancellation of those orders. Orders may be cancelled before despatch by emailing elaine@zuntold.com


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