About Us

We are ZunTold, a brand new and independent publishing company based in Manchester, in the north-west of England. We publish Middle Grade, YA and Crossover fiction. 

You can buy our books from us directly or via any online bookstore or book shop. We recommend Wordery, Waterstones, any of the chains, or of course, your local bookshop.

We are interested in mental health and emotional wellbeing and love all genres!

We believe fiction can change lives and are committed to getting the best stories out there.

We also deliver Fiction as Therapy, a Bibliotherapy and Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes service. 

Our staff are counsellors and psychotherapists who have trained in the CWTP approach. Our Fiction as Therapy service offers a therapeutic programme of bibliotherapy across different age audiences, alongside CWTP for young people and

adults wanting to support their mental and physical health and wellbeing.  At the moment, we are piloting this approach with the NHS and Social Care providers. If you are a commissioner, please contact us.