Submission Guidelines
By Elaine
Jul 31, 2017 Children's
Call for submissions

Unsolicited submissions are closed now until September 2020

Our focus is on fiction for middle-grade readers (aged 9-12), YA and crossover fiction. This can be fantasy, adventure, issue-based, contemporary or historical.

We are also planning, in time, for a small non-fiction imprint which will focus on environment and emotional and mental health.

 We are looking for stories with the following strengths:
*Strong characters who have a particular crisis to solve - externally but also internally - we like both plot-driven and character-driven novels
*Characters who embody some element of diversity or difference
*Books which are exciting and powerful and 'teach' readers something about empathy, or resilience skills

We are particularly interested in publishing books which help readers grow as people, and get them thinking about life and its choices.
Having said that, we don't want starchy, doughy, preachy books. 

So if you think your book could achieve some of these things, then please do send us your submission.

What to send

We would find a synopsis helpful  - some information about the main characters, what happens in the beginning, middle and end, together with the first five chapters.

Please send the manuscript in by email, with your details (name, email and phone number) on pages that are numbered and in font size 11 or 12 (Arial or Georgia) and double spaced. Contact us initially through the Contribute tab.

Please note that we will come back to you with feedback.

Alternatively send to elainebous[at]gmail[dot]com

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