Q&A with our Assistant Editor, Rebecca
By Elaine
Jul 2, 2018 Children's
Rebecca, our assistant editor, sat down with us to tell us a bit more about her role at ZunTold, what she's working on right now and why she's a fan of a good dragon!

What is your role at ZunTold?

At the moment I mostly do writing for the website and the Twitter account, but I also help with odd jobs and work on translations (or anything that might be needed in French).

Can you tell us more about your inspiration for the #writingweekend prompts?

That’s a difficult one for me – I’m not sure where my ideas spring from. I get them as I’m wandering along the street, or when I see something happening in the park, or when I catch a sentence someone is saying down the phone. Sometimes pictures can spark inspiration, or simply taking the time to sit down and daydream. Ideas come from everywhere.

Where do you get your ideas for the ZunTold blog posts?

The posts ask for more research than the #writingweekend prompts. You don’t only need a good idea, but something that’s important and relevant right now. Sometimes other articles on the internet or in newspapers will set off an idea for a piece. It can also be that it’s a theme I’ve been wanting to know more about for a while, and so I decide to do research around it and write about it. That way I can share what I find with everyone.

What are you currently working on for ZunTold?

I’ve started translating a novel from French to English – it’s a wonderful book full of magic, mystery and forbidden secrets! I’m having great fun rediscovering this book, which I enjoyed as a child, and reading it not only as an adult, but also as a translator, who suddenly has to find solutions to transcribe puns, slang, and French expressions to create as rich and engaging a manuscript in English as in French.

Are you a writer yourself?

Yes, I’m afraid I’ve fallen into it too! I usually write adult fiction, although when I was younger I would set off into long fantasy epics which could’ve done with a bit more plotting and bit less dragons (although who can resist a good dragon?) Working with Zuntold has got me back into reading YA fiction, and I must admit I love stories for younger readers. Maybe I’ll be tempted to write for a younger audience in the future.

What are you reading at the moment?

“Possession” by A. S. Byatt. It was recommended to me by a friend, and I can’t put it down – it’s got everything there, a romance, some poetry, extracts from an epic… I was so taken by the main poet of the story that I believed he must exist, and tried to find anthologies of his work. I was very disappointed to learn he was a fictional character!

In terms of YA, I’ve just finished Cressida Cowell’s “The Wizards of Once”. I picked it up because of the fabulous cover, but I stayed hooked because of the vivid imagination, the loveable characters, and the fact that giants think BIG THOUGHTS.

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