What people are saying about ZunTold's titles
By Elaine
Jun 18, 2018 Children's
The latest reviews of our debut titles, Gangster School and Jiddy Vardy.

What reviewers are saying about Gangster School:

·         'A romp full of wrongdoing, such knockabout fun.’ - The Observer.

·         ‘Gangster School is brimming with villainy, gadgets and giggles. Never mind Hogwarts, if my letter from Blaggards doesn’t come soon, I am going to forge one myself.’ - Tamsyn Murray, author

·         ‘Gangster School is a thrilling mid-range adventure, with two charming main characters and a non-stop rollercoaster of a plot! Highly recommend.’ – Parentfolk

·         ‘Hogwarts for aspiring criminals! A completely fresh, new story with characters the children loved. Everyone needs a friend like Milly at school.’ – What the Redhead said

·         ‘A masterly mayhem of an adventure!’ – Book Lover Jo

·         ‘Bonkers, full of hilarious little moments of gigglesome humour and feels fresh and unique.’ – ReaditDaddy

·         ‘Highly recommend this fun and really original story. Milly, Charlie and Gruffles will become your new best friends.’ – Mike Reads

·         ‘Gangster School is exactly what middle-grade should be: full of friendship and mayhem and children questioning their identity. It's criminally good.’ – Book Murmuration

·         ‘Gangster School is a whimsical tale of villainy that kept me up laughing and hooked on every word.’ – Jenniely


What reviewers are saying about Jiddy Vardy:

·         ‘Jiddy Vardy combines muscular, adventurous storytelling with the darkly evocative scent of historical fiction.’ – Paul Morris, author of Time Traveller series

·         'A rollicking blend of mystery, romance and high adventure.’ – Danny Weston, author

·         ‘Jiddy is such a strong female character. It's an empowering story.’ – Thom Keep, head librarian at The Portico, Manchester

·         ‘A pacey tale of high secrecy, first love and agonising betrayal.’ – Zoe Toft, Play By The Book

·         ‘A fantastic celebration of diversity and pirates, with a strong female protagonist.’ – Anne Bonny Book

·         ‘Captivating, gritty and completely unputdownable. One of my favourite books this year.’ – Zoe Collins, No Safer Place

·         ‘An epic YA adventure...phenomenal from mighty start to heroic end.’ – Pretty Little Memoirs

·         'Packed with suspense, action, and beautifully developed characters. And pirates.' - The Cosy Reader



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