New Kid by Paul Morris
By Elaine
Apr 15, 2018 Children's
Paul Morris's poem New Kid has voice and rhythm

New Kid


I’m new to the school

With the same old rage;

It’s a brand-new book

With a blotted page.

See I’ve got no worries,

I’m an ‘ard man, me

‘Cos me mam’s Chuck Norris

And me dad’s Bruce Lee,

                                             And when I cry into my pillow

                                              I don’t let anybody see.

Got a face like a boulder

But me head’s a state,

I’m me mam’s little soldier

And me dad’s best mate.

I’m a big-time shark

In a small-time pond,

‘Cos me mam’s a Terminator

And me dad’s James Bond.

I’m a rich kid’s nightmare,

I’m a poor kid’s dream:

                                          Stuff my mouth with the pillow

                                          So they can’t hear me scream.

Got an eye like a bullet,

Got a tongue like a dagger

And a fire in me gullet

And the moves like Jagger

And I’ll see you right

But I’ll rob you blind;

I’ve found

                     A pound

And I’ve lost my mind,

‘Cos I’m trapped in the mills of the daily grind…

Unpack my head

And there’s nothing there:

Under the duvet of my confidence

There’s the bed-bugs of despair –


What was that, Miss?

What am I writing?

Nothing Miss, really -

Nothing exciting.

What’s that, Miss? Show you?

Let you see?

See, Miss: it’s about nothing –

Just me…


                              Only me.




Paul Morris

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