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By Elaine
Jul 31, 2017 Children's

What we hope to achieve

Our aims are twofold.

Firstly, we want to establish ourselves as a successful and independent publisher for children's, young adult and crossover fiction and to build a small stable of non- fiction authors. We are based in Manchester and are proud to be building a thriving business here, in the capital of the north west of England! 

We want to publish new, exciting fiction and are interested in working with writers who can blend character, plot and place but also, importantly, voice. We like fantasy,  action and adventure, contemporary and historical fiction. We are interested in finding stories with authentic characters; those who are dealing with the wide range of issues and circumstances facing children and young people today, even if the setting is in the past. We want the novels we publish to be unputdownable, engaging and sizzling with excitement. We want novels that are thought provoking and questioning and stretching in nature and intent - but always novels that are written with a fresh eye and a dose of courage.

Secondly, we want to give young people from all communities a voice.

Too often young people's voices are not heard or represented. This is especially true for some young people who may have experienced homelessness, or family breakdown, emotional wellbeing and mental health issues, or been in the care system. It is also true for young people who are ‘different’ in any way. In reality, though, not being heard and not having a voice is true of all young people. It amazes us that we still live in a country which denies young people the vote -  maybe if we reduced the voting age, politicians and economists would have to listen to young people? Our political system would certainly look very different. 

Stories are powerful things. They change lives. They transport us to a different world and introduce us to new characters. Often these characters are the kinds of people we think we might never come across in our waking day-to-day life. But they and the places they live in,  can teach us something about ourselves - something that we may not have realised before we read the story. This is because, in truth, through stories, we find a piece of ourselves. Through stories we are able to see who and what we could become. The most powerful and long-lasting lessons happen when we are taught them through the art of storytelling. 

So, we hope that young people will use the ZunTold magazine to tell their stories. And we would like to support them in that endeavour. 

If you are a school, youth offending team, youth group or any institution that works with young people, and would like to work with us on some of our creative ideas to get young people writing and developing stories, then please, do get in touch.

ZunTold will be a place where stories begin. Our mission is to change the world with words.

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