Meet the team
By Elaine
Jul 31, 2017 Children's
Meet the team behind ZunTold

So, who are we?

Our founder and director is Elaine Bousfield. Elaine works with a team of children and YA fiction book editors who between them have worked with Piccadilly Press, Hot Key Books, Penguin Random House (Children's) and David Fickling Books, amongst others.  Elaine manages ZunTold. She is also the founding director and Chair of XenZone, the company she founded in 2001. Elaine been a member of writing groups and involved with creative writing for many years than she would care to remember. Her professional background is in mental health and she worked as a counsellor with children and young people before founding XenZone. 

Other folk involved with ZunTold are Carnegie Publishing, a North West publishing company in its own right, based in Lancaster. With over thirty years of experience, Carnegie works with other publishing companies, specialising in the production aspects of the publishing process. Carnegie support ZunTold with all aspects of production from typesetting, to support with cover design, printing, storage and distribution. We also plan to work with furthur freelancers to support us in growing the business. 

What is our ethos?

ZunTold will retain a social ethos throughout. Our experience is that small teams, working together with a common purpose and a listening ear, can move mountains. We will treasure our writers and work with them on creative ideas to produce the best fiction we can.  We will take our time and are not looking to publish quantity over quality. We would rather publish four excellent books a year to begin with, rather than rush out ten mediocre books. 

We want to have fun and we want to learn. We want to experiment and we want to publish books that are different. Our writers will build worlds that are modern and contemporary, historical or steeped in fantasy. We want to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. 

So, if you feel we have struck a chord with you, then do please get in touch.

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