Meet the team
By Elaine
Jul 31, 2017 Children's
Meet the team behind ZunTold

So, who are we?

We are a publishing company based in Manchester. We publish middle grade and YA fiction. We are particularly interested in novels which focus on issues around mental health and we love all genres.

Our founder is Elaine Bousfield, also the founder of XenZone a mental health provider specialising in digital mental health services. Elaine founded in 2004 and

Our team consists of a free-lance editorial team, copywriters and proofreaders, our cover designer and illustrator and our programming team who are helping us develop new and exciting digital products for 2021.



2 Comments on Meet the team

Nubianpoet commented 2 years ago 0pts

I hope this team player can join your team. Diversity is a good thing. Evelyn D. Hall/Author & poet

Cyberangel commented 2 years ago 0pts

Hello, Very excited to read about both ZunTold and XenZone today. You have definitely 'struck a chord' with me, in fact two chords! I came to your website through reading an article in Writing Magazine. I am an aspiring writer, but also I am passionate about children's mental health and wellbeing, Perhaps we could help each other?
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