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ZunTold is an independent publishing company, based in Manchester, focusing on publishing good fiction to support mental health and wellbeing. We publish Middle Grade and YA fiction and love working with established voices as well as debut authors. Our authors have been nominated for literary prizes, including the Carnegie Medal, and won prestigious awards too, like the Lancashire Book of the Year Award, chosen solely by young people aged 13-14 years of age. We work with agented authors but twice a year, (in June for YA and in December for Middle Grade) we open our doors to authors who do not have an agent. We do not publish picture books as we don’t have the expertise to do so. We publish in print, e-book and interactive books.

We run a programme we call Fiction as Therapy. Our staff are publishing professionals, writers, editors, counsellors and psychotherapists who have also trained in Therapeutic Writing.

Books are 'healers for the soul' and creative writing brings many health benefits. Our Fiction as Therapy service offers a therapeutic programme of bibliotherapy across different age audiences and creative writing for therapeutic purposes, for young people and adults looking to support their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

There is a growing evidence base that therapeutic writing and bibliotherapy can support people with long term physical health conditions as well as improving mental health. We are building links with NHS Trusts and Social Care providing an online library and blended services of tailored support to individuals and communities.

We are piloting this service at the moment and customers will need a code to access the service. If you are a commissioner of services or an individual who is interested in taking part in a pilot, please do contact us at elaine@zuntold.com

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