Steve Donohoe

Steve is a beekeeper and for anyone who is interested, his time with honeybees began by chance. He says, ‘I stood awkwardly at a house party that somehow, I'd been persuaded to attend, wringing my hands and trying to dream up something interesting to say to the other guests. I bumped into a similarly introverted chap called Richard, who turned out to be a farmer, and somehow the subject of honeybees came up. I said I would keep bees if I had somewhere to put them and he said that I could use a corner of one of his fields.’ Thus, began a love relationship with the world of the honey bee.

Steve writes about the therapeutic effect of keeping bees, and how it helps to keep him sober and maintain good mental health. Today, Steve is an director for Bee Craft, writes a regular blog and is the editor for the Cheshire Bee Keepers magazine. His blog can be found at The Walrus and the Honeybee.

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