Frequently Asked Questions

What do you publish?

We publish the following:

Children's fiction  -middle grade (aged 9-12)

YA (Young Adult fiction)

Crossover fiction

Non-Fiction - focusing on the environment and emotional wellbeing and mental health

We love fantasy fiction, contemporary and historical fiction

Do I need an agent?


However, we are open twice a year to authors who do not have agents.

June 5th to June 29th, we are open to YA, cross over fiction and new adult fiction.

December 1st to December 15th, we are open to middle-grade fiction (aged 9-12)

We do not publish picture books or books for younger children. 

How do I send in a submission?

We find a synopsis helpful  -some information about the main characters, what happens in the beginning, middle and end.

Then the first three chapters. Please send the manuscript in by email, with your details (name, email and phone number) on pages that are numbered and in font size 11 or 12 (Arial or Georgia) and double spaced.

Please note that we will come back to you with feedback.

Send to elainebousa[at]gmail[dot]com