The Year I Didn't Eat
By Samuel Pollen
Feb 1, 2019 Children's
Drawing on debut author Samuel Pollen's own experiences, this is an unforgettable, uplifting story of one boy's battle with anorexia

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Christmas Day is going to be super-hard. Like, the hardest day of my life so far. Breakfast will be OK because it'll be just me, Robin, Mum and Dad.
But then, everyone else will arrive. And they've not seen me like this. They don't know what I'm like now.

14-year-old Max only has one person he can really talk to. Her name is Ana - also known as anorexia, his eating disorder. Max writes to Ana every day. She feeds on his fears, encouraging him to lose more and more weight.
For Christmas, Max gets an unusual present from his older brother Robin; a geocache. He hides it in the forest near their house, thrilled by the anonymity it gives him. Anyone can leave Max a note - and soon, he gets one from the mysterious 'E'. Could it be Evie, the new girl at school, playing tricks on him?

In the midst of a family crisis, Max's eating disorder quickly deteriorates. Ana pulls him further and further away from his family until he feels totally alone. Can anyone help him find a way out?


  • 1: Chapter 1
  • 2: Chapter 2
  • 3: Chapter 3


Publication Date: Mar 4, 2019 Pages: 304
ISBN: 9781999863357

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