About Us

We are ZunTold, a brand new and independent publishing company based in Manchester, in the north west of England. Our primary aim is to publish new fiction for children and young people and young adults. 

We also want to support and develop young people with their own writing. Publishers often say they want to encourage a diversity of voices. We know from experience that young people have a lot to say and we want to create a space led by them, where they can say it -whatever ‘it’ is - loudly and clearly. 

ZunTold will focus on fiction - it is a great teacher – but there will be room eventually for non- fiction also. Our online magazine encourages writers to share their thoughts and stories with the world. 

We are open to publishing non -fiction that has an environmental theme or tackles questions about the environments we live in or books on emotional wellbeing and mental health.

What sorts of books are we looking to commission?

Our main mission is to publish fiction. We want books that children and young people will read. We like novels and are interested in middle grade fiction (9-12), teens, young adults and crossover fiction.

We like books that develop young people’s awareness and psychological growth but they must be stories that take their readers to new places, new worlds and deeper spaces both internally and externally.

How to get involved 

If you would like us to consider your novel or book submission for publication, please send a copy of the synopsis and the first five chapters. Contact us through the Contribute tab with your contact details and we will email you with details on where to send your work. When you send your manuscript, please make sure that your contact details are on the manuscript, preferably as a footer or header, so we can get back to you with our response. Please note that books published by ZunTold are done so in the traditional sense. We will not be asking for financial contributions from authors. 

You can also submit pieces to the magazine. You will have to agree to our terms and conditions for this. This is largely around copyright (the author retains copyright for magazine articles) and Intellectual Property (you are responsible for ensuring that the material is yours and has not been copied or plagiarised, not ZunTold) and that for the purposes of the magazine you are making your material available under a Creative Commons License. ZunTold does not pay authors for articles to be published in the magazine.