About Us

We are ZunTold, a brand new and independent publishing company based in Manchester, in the north-west of England. We publish middle -grade, young adult and crossover fiction. 

We have an interest in mental health and emotional wellbeing and love all genres. We believe fiction can change lives and are committed to getting the best stories out there.

We are also developing a digital space where authors, creators, readers, therapy and health seekers can come together to discuss fiction and participate in writing for therapeutic purposes. 



Twice a year, we open submissions to authors without agents.

In June, between June 15th and June 29th, we are open for submissions in the YA,  crossover and new adult fiction

In December, between December 1st and December 15th, we are open for submissions for middle grade ( 9 -12 years ) 

ZunTold does not publish picture books or books for younger readers.